A sales system designed with you in mind

Our point-of-sale system is designed specifically for service providers like you. Whether you are self employed, renting out facilities or running a business with 20 employees, we'll make sales easy.

Sell more, faster and better

No more folders full of invoices that you need to take to your accountant. No more unanswered questions about how sales are going.

The Noona HQ point-of-sale got you covered

Sell faster

Finalise the sale and the booking in one place.

Sell more

Keep track of your customers’ purchases so you can suggest to them what to buy next.

Sell better

Make sure you are giving suitable discounts, not too high and not too low.

Wherever and whenever

The Noona POS is with you wherever you go and is available on all smartphones, tablets and computers. Run the sales system on as many devices as you like and view today’s sales numbers in the comfort of your home.

Get started today, no credit card required

Everyone can use the core part of our product completely for free … forever. We do have some nice power-ups as well but they are absolutely optional.