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Stop answering messages on Facebook in your free time and give your phone a break. Let us help your customers book appointments at the perfect time without bothering you.

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Fewer phone calls, more appointments

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to receive bookings and cancellations 24/7 without having to answer the phone, Facebook messages or emails?

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Receive bookings through the Noona app, your website, Facebook or wherever your customers book your service.

Missed calls?

Unanswered phone calls? If so you might be missing out on new customers. An online booking never goes unanswered.

More than just appointments

The Noona app allows your customers to do more than just book appointments. On Noona they can also view, cancel and reschedule it if they need to. On your terms, of course.

Reach new customers

More and more people are using the Noona app to find new service providers. Help them find you by being visible where it matters.

500+ businesses accept online bookings with Noona

And they all enjoy getting fewer phone calls

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Everyone can use the core part of our product completely for free … forever. We do have some nice power-ups as well but they are absolutely optional.